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Valentine Prank with a Fake Ultrasound


Valentine's Day is coming! Why not celebrate this occasion by showing your significant other your funny side, making him love you even more! Laughter is the best medicine, and admit it or not, many guys love a woman who is classy and is ready to express her sense of humor anytime!

Make your relationship with your guy stronger than ever! Create priceless and totally hilarious moments by adding some humor and fun to an ordinary day or by incorporating a crazy antic on a special occasion, such as a Valentine's Day!

A fake ultrasound prank is an excellent prank on Valentine's Day that you can successfully pull off, in an effortless and enjoyable manner! A fake ultrasound prank is very controversial but as long as you are doing this prank for pure entertainment and fun only, then everything is good! Inflict shock and some mischief on Valentine's Day and you will surely get the spanking that you deserve; or a sweet reward after revealing to your SO that the whole setup is just a gag!

Are you engaged? Prank your fiancé that you are pregnant by showing him a realistic fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net! See his reaction and how he could handle this news, now that you're all in the midst of your wedding preparations!

Are you married with kids? Surprise your hubby with a prank that may leave him speechless. How will he react upon realizing that you're pregnant with your 7th child, huh? LMAO!

Is your partner a womanizer? Pull off a temporary prank with a fake ultrasound joke on Valentine's Day! Who knows? This might just be the wakeup call that he needs to re-evaluate his life and be serious, once and for all!

Make your prank on Valentine's Day a reality with the fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net that look very legitimate. You are guaranteed to be impressed by the authentic look of it! Choose between a fake 2D ultrasound and a fake 3D ultrasound, and pick the style that you like and place your order easily; just in time for Valentine's Day!

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