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Mesmerizing Holiday Pranks


For a holiday gag that's bound to mesmerize your loved ones this season, a fake pregnancy prank or a fake ultrasound prank is an awesome choice!

Some people may find these types of prank a little eccentric; well, that's the essence of a prank! We believe that being unique and one-of-a-kind are some of the must-have characteristics that a prank should reflect so that it will be realistic and truly effective enough to convince your prank victims into thinking that you're really expecting!

Is there a guy that is so drawn into you and incessantly pushes you to date him? Well, here's the good news! You can now easily avoid him by telling him that you are pregnant! Send him a personalized ultrasound with your name and all your 'baby' details and we are pretty sure that he will stop pursuing you!

Do you want your unfaithful ex-boyfriend to pay for all the heartaches he has caused you? Give him a temporary headache with the news that will change his life—or if not, an announcement that will make him rethink his dating ways! Show him a fake ultrasound with your name and baby's details on it and stick to the news for a couple hours then let him realize his mistakes and lifestyle! Then after that, tell him that it was just a prank and you are done with him!

Would you like to treat your family and friends into a good time? When we say 'good time', it's obviously something that is genuinely great and fun! A fake ultrasound prank will fulfill just that! Invite your friends over and surprise them with a fake pregnancy prank or a fake ultrasound prank. Hand them your fake 2D ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net and see their amazements and shock!

Need a great office prank? Go for a fake ultrasound prank by using a personalized fake 3D ultrasound from FakeNewspapers.Net. You won't be disappointed with the quality and awesome reactions that your office prank will evoke!

Grab a 2D fake ultrasound or fake 3D ultrasounds on this page: FakeUltrasounds.Net Personalized Ultrasounds 

OB GYN and Sonographer Gags

Pulling off a fake pregnancy prank on your obstetrician friend or a sibling who works at an ultrasound clinic can be tricky. But, think about all the awesome possibilities that await if you are able to make them the receiving end of your fake pregnancy announcement. It's gonna be brilliant!Those who are working in the medical and pregnancy field [...]

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Useful Tips in Fake Ultrasound Pranking

Be naughty, show your crazy side, but be safe with the fun and totally harmless prank...using a fake ultrasound!FakeUltrasounds.Net's collection of fabulous fake sonograms can help you achieve a perfect prank, sans the hassle and sans the danger. As long as you plan to pull off a fake sonogram prank for fun and for being playful only—and not to inflict [...]

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All You Need to Know About Fake Ultrasounds

A 2D fake sonogram or a 3D fake ultrasound is no doubt one of the best idea when you're looking for an awesome buddy prank or ladies’ prank. Fake sonograms allow a newbie prankster pull off an effective and highly hilarious fake pregnancy prank or fake ultrasound prank using an exceptionally customized ultrasound that looks and feels amazingly real!Fake [...]

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect dress, or the perfect dessert to match a sumptuous meal can be a tough time for some decision-making. But when it comes to choosing the 'perfect' prank to perfect a regular day or that celebration, you can never go wrong with a fake ultrasound prank or a fake pregnancy prank!Recently, there's [...]

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Fake Ultrasounds for the Fun-Loving Peeps!

FakeUltrasounds.Net offers the fun-loving individuals a wondrous array of custom fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms that are ready to remove all the dullness and boredom from your life!There may be lots of struggles and stresses in your life but make sure that you rise above them, celebrate your small accomplishments and find joy in small things.In making yourself happy, a [...]

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Give Them Some Fake Ultrasound Shivers

Give them the shivers as you announce that you are pregnant in the most unexpected and craziest way!This Halloween, treat the people you love into a funny, wacky and scary antic that they won't ever forget! Pull off a Halloween prank in the form of a fake pregnancy prank using the wonderful, the astounding, and the unbelievably unique fake ultrasounds [...]

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Stress-Free Halloween Fake Ultrasound Pranks

Feel the terrifying atmosphere without looking ugly, without feeling stressed, and without having to deal with an epic fail Halloween prank. Choose a funny and harmless gag brought to you by FakeUltrasounds.Net!This coming Halloween, set yourself for a truly entertaining moment as you carry out a Halloween ultrasound prank. Fake pregnancy pranks are incredibly shocking—and the Halloween is the perfect [...]

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Legitimate-Looking Fake Ultrasounds for Halloween

Fake pregnancy pranks on Halloween are so much fun! The possibilities are endless when you choose to have a fake ultrasound prank or a fake pregnancy prank on All Hallows Eve! Creepy, classy, funny and everything in between are so in store for you!Fake ultrasounds are excellent prank items that have been proven to blow the prank victims' minds! You can [...]

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High-Quality Custom Ultrasounds are Here!

The overstressing, tedious wait, and the disappointingly failed pranks are now over!FakeUltrasounds.Net has a glorious array of a custom ultrasound that will perfectly meet your fake ultrasound needs. Whether you plan to use a fake ultrasound for a prank, for a scrapbook, for a movie or stage-play, for a decoration or as a motivation, you can't go wrong with [...]

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