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OB GYN and Sonographer Gags


Pulling off a fake pregnancy prank on your obstetrician friend or a sibling who works at an ultrasound clinic can be tricky. But, think about all the awesome possibilities that await if you are able to make them the receiving end of your fake pregnancy announcement. It's gonna be brilliant!

Those who are working in the medical and pregnancy field can surely spot which is an authentic medical document and which is not. But thanks to FakeUltrasounds.Net, you can carry out a fake ultrasound prank or a fake pregnancy practical joke to your OB or sonologist friend without having an early discovery!

With the convincing fake ultrasounds from us, you can rest easy knowing that you and your prank victim will enjoy the overall prank, and be able to gain a wonderful and unforgettable moment laughing as you divulge that everything was just a feel-good prank! You will be surprised that with the things that relate to ultrasounds and laboratories that they encounter on a daily basis, they won't be able to notice immediately that you have prepared a charming treat for them, to make them laugh and to somehow add a funny touch to their daily grind!

If you aim to have a fake ultrasound with a standard look, then grab our fake 2D ultrasounds. Our fake 2D ultrasounds can be ordered the way it is and you can get to choose among three different bar colors. You can also order a personalized fake 2D ultrasound so that your name and any other requested details of yours appear on the fake 2D ultrasound.

For a more vivid and defined images, our fake 3D ultrasounds are an ideal choice. You can also easily order a fake 3D ultrasound with personalization.

What are you waiting for? Prank your friends and family members now with the best and the brightest fake ultrasound prank or fake pregnancy prank