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Thirsty for Some Hilarity?


Satisfy your unquenchable thirst for hilarity and getting silly with the exciting fake ultrasound collection from FakeUltrasounds.Net!

These days where people are so serious, take the opportunity to shower them with that much-needed laughter by pulling off a one helluva prank that'll leave them with splendid tears of joy!

And what could that be? A spectacular prank made possible by a marvelous prank item: a super realistic fake ultrasound and fake sonogram that will leave them baffled and breathless…by laughing too much!

Go ahead and have a fantastic adventure on your next fake ultrasound trickery. If you're a woman who's looking for some harmless prank and would love to get that sort of a 'high' that you and your friends need in order to overcome the tediousness of your week and the demands of your daily grind! You deserve that exhilarating feeling from laughing with your best buddies!

A fake pregnancy prank using a fake ultrasound is highly effective in making them think and believe that you are actually pregnant! Show them a personalized 2D fake ultrasound and see how shocked and confused they get!

A fake 3D ultrasound is also equally effective in pulling off the best fake pregnancy prank or the coolest fake ultrasound prank ever! Get a fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net with your name and all the made-up details of your baby and see how the whole situation transforms their boring day into a moment that's crazy, outrageous, and funny... only made possible by the phenomenal fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms from FakeUltrasounds.Net!

Increase the happy vibe at your workplace! Intentionally drop a fake ultrasound with your name or a prank victim's name or scatter a few copies on your office desks and leave everyone stunned and bewildered! This is a great revenge for those who are so into gossips—prank them real good!


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