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Target Them with Ultrasound Pranking


Target your prank victims' weakness and fears, and have fun with fake ultrasound pranking!

FakeUltrasounds.Net's gallery of fun and exciting fake sonogram options will leave you, your family and your friends with side-splitting memories! How? It's pretty straightforward. Go ahead and carry out a fake sonogram prank and shock you mom and dad that you are pregnant! Reveal a fake sonogram to your friends and see who among them will show their support for your pregnancy. Prank your colleague, neighbor or anyone with a fake sonogram, for entertainment purposes only, and intensely laugh and snigger when you have finally exposed the truth to them—that everything was just a gag! Utter your creativity and spread humor and amusement with a funny joke item: a fake 2D sonogram or a fake 3D sonogram!

A practical joke is always fun, as long as it is safe and won't put your prank victim in a prolonged risk, pain and agony. It is always advisable that pranks that do not center on physical jokes are more likely to be less harmless than those gags that entail physical inconvenience, pain or discomfort. A fake sonogram is an excellent choice for those who are looking for witty, effective, safe and unforgettable prank. You do not need a difficult set-up, no need for disgusting and messy surprises, and no one will have to get injured by getting shocked or hurt by the clutter and muddle of your surprise. Stun and distress them in the most brilliant and in the classiest way with a fake sonogram!

Plan for the best setting and the right timing for your fake sonogram joke. Ensure that you do not blurt out laughing before or while you show your gag victims a fake sonogram with your name and your alleged pregnancy details on it. Make the whole scenario last for about 10-20 minutes. Gain all the restraint and self-control not to giggle or even shriek!

So what would you do if you tell the world that you are 8 months pregnant, with your flat tummy? It’s intriguing, mind-blowing and stupefying, right? Whatever their reaction to the situation is, you are all set for a splendid moment with a good and safe gag such as a fake sonogram prank. Have fun with your ultrasound pranking!