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How To Own a Fake 3D Ultrasound


It's payback time for your mischievous sibling, naughty pal or crazy buddy! An enjoyable and superbly hilarious moment await as you pull off a unique, mind-boggling and super funny gag in the form of a fake ultrasound prank!

There's a lot of choices when you try to find a silly yet totally funny joke to pull off on your SO, family, friends or colleagues. But when it comes to the most realistic and most convincing joke, you're in the right place… FakeUltrasounds.Net can surely help!

A fake ultrasound prank offers a mixture of truly special and crazy emotion among your prank victims. Make it even more astounding, more shocking, and more extraordinary by holding a 3D fake ultrasound prank! With the well-defined, highly detailed, crisp and vivid images, we are 100% sure that your prank will look authentic and will be absolutely convincing for your victims. Parents, moms, your aunt who has already given birth numerous times and those who are seasoned and familiar in the pregnancy world will be fooled by how real our 3D fake ultrasound looks: they are identical to the ones printed in real clinics and hospitals. They resemble the ultrasound which your friend or favorite celeb has posted online. They look and feel real, so you can be sure that your 3D fake ultrasound prank will be a huge success!

Be scheming — in a fun, harmless and funny way! The brilliant 3D fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net give you the opportunity to express your crazy side in a safe and humorous manner. Put your prank victims in a very shocking state and be amused by the multitude of their reactions! See how they digest the fake pregnancy announcement which you have just recently done and enjoy the way they react when you divulge the truth that the whole setup was just a wacky gag. This is amazingly perfect for parties, celebrations, occasions and get-togethers, and can even be an effective way to spice up an ordinary day. The most brilliant part of a fake ultrasound prank is that it is easy and it is so successful, that is, if you are able to pick the best and the most realistic looking 3D fake ultrasounds. So, be sure to get your fake ultrasound with topnotch quality for that topnotch 3D fake ultrasound prank only from FakeUltrasounds.Net!