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Five Mind-Numbing Facts About Fake Sonograms


Fascinated by a fake ultrasound or a fake sonogram copy? Yes, it does exist! But, as with any product or item, there are the exceptional, first-rate fake sonograms that look and feel extremely real... and there are those that are cheap and totally fake-looking, which makes your fake sonogram act or prank totally useless.

But before you go for that wondrous fake sonogram prank, check out these five mind-numbing facts about fake sonograms.

1. Fake sonograms are effective prank items.

Because pregnancy commonly happens and is a natural thing to occur, the chances of having a realistic and convincing prank is very high. If a prank is successful, you will be able to spread hilarity among your family and friends and find the experience truly refreshing yourself!

2. Fake sonogram pranks are exhilarating.

Pulling off a funny and harmless prank provides a therapeutic experience. Because 'Laughter is the best medicine.', you'll soon discover that carrying out a prank enhances your creativity and humor, and all the laughter and good vibes put you in an enlivened and cheerful disposition.

3. Faking a sonogram is difficult — so, leave it to the experts.

There are plenty of apps where you can create fake ultrasounds, but be careful as you may end up with a fake ultrasound that looks 'fake' which will surely give you a failed prank. To be guaranteed of a successful one, you should use a fake ultrasound that looks 100% real.

4. A fake sonogram gag is one of easiest pranks to pull off.

Post a fake sonogram on your social media. Send it through email. Show it to your prank victim. Place it on your office desk. Stick it on the fridge door. Regardless of how you pull it off, you will be sure that you'd get different reactions from it!

5. A fake sonogram creates wonderful memories.

Whether you pull it on your family, friends, significant other or colleagues, a fake sonogram prank will evoke shock and laughter in them, making your regular day a treasure-worthy one!

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