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Extraordinary Pranks for a Newbie Prankster


Imagine yourself doing a funny prank so extraordinarily and excellently, yet not having to spend too much of your hard-earned money and by not having to sweat for a tiring setup. It's quite difficult to think of a gag that can allow you to seamlessly pull it off without putting a lot of your time and effort...but with the custom fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net, it's very much attainable!

Our Personalized Fake Ultrasounds and Fake Sonograms are just one of the hottest prank toys in the world! It's so cool because you need not pull off a prank in the most elaborate way. All you need is a realistic prank toy—such as a fake ultrasound—and your prank victims are in for that prank of a lifetime! Release yourself from the worries of having an unsuccessful prank or from the demands of a complex gag. FakeUltrasounds.Net promises you of super realistic fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds that will allow you to create a pranking setup that you and your friends will never forget…for the rest of their lives!

Say goodbye to awkward pranks! Our fake ultrasounds are effective in fake pregnancy pranks and fake ultrasound pranks. Whether you intend to pull off a fake ultrasound prank at home, in the office, in your neighborhood, at some random places, or even online, you are bound to receive colorful reactions and everyone will have a great time laughing before, during, and after that wickedly good fake pregnancy prank!

Allow us to cheer you up and make your friend laugh so hard with a funny prank. Choose from our 2D fake ultrasounds and 3D fake ultrasounds and be happy!


Kaz / 1713 images Pixabay Creative Commons CC0