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All You Need to Know About Fake Ultrasounds


A 2D fake sonogram or a 3D fake ultrasound is no doubt one of the best idea when you're looking for an awesome buddy prank or ladies’ prank. Fake sonograms allow a newbie prankster pull off an effective and highly hilarious fake pregnancy prank or fake ultrasound prank using an exceptionally customized ultrasound that looks and feels amazingly real!

Fake pregnancy pranks are must-do gags on bachelorette and bridal parties. Surprise the bride or your fellow bridesmaids that you are pregnant and see their shocked reactions!

Are you a soon-to-be bride? Then turn the tables and prank your friends that you are pregnant and enjoy the funny expressions that you will see on their faces! Show them a 2D fake ultrasound with your name on it and chuckle with delight as you witness a multitude of reactions from them! This is also a great prank to pull off towards your mom, aunt or sissy! How would they react when they learn that you are 5 months pregnant and see your super flat tummy?

Pull off a fake ultrasound prank on social media with the help of the amusing FakeUltrasounds.net items!! Post your pic sporting that incredibly sexy two-piece swimsuit then treat your friends into a mind-boggling moment as to how, where, and when can you possibly be pregnant with that sexy bod!

April Fools’ Day can be done on any day! No need to struggle with a complicated prank. All you need is a simple setup that makes the whole scenario more convincing, personal and realistic. Then, make sure to use a legitimate-looking fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net and achieve the most heavenly feeling of laughing so hard from the fun and excitement brought about a funny 3D fake ultrasound prank!