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Girlfriend and Boyfriend Pranks


Image Source: xdorin / 6 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain licence.

Craving for a thrilling tomfoolery that's gonna leave your victims shocked, agog and perplexed? You have landed to the right place hunnies and buddies! Fakeultrasounds.Net is here to fascinate you with its set of fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds for your next prank – for girlfriend and boyfriend pranks that are guaranteed to be 100% foolproof!

Ladies, if you want to know if your boyfriend is really sincere, then pull off a fake ultrasound prank in order to discover if he is really serious with you. Married? Spruce up a dull moment with your hubby as you perform a funny fake ultrasound gag, telling him that you are carrying your 5th child! Heading to the university? Leave a fake ultrasound with your name on it on the table, and let your siblings divulge your 'secret' to your mom and dad! There will be heaps of fun and laughter as you announce the truth! Be sure though that you make it up to them after accomplishing that memorable joke. For sure your sibling will be very careful from now on as they may be victimized by your pranking ways again soon!

Guys will also enjoy this great and absolutely convincing prank. If your girlfriend is busy with her career and all that, give her a nudge - a gentle reminder of what she will miss when you leave her - go for a fake ultrasound prank! Are you confident that you are doing your part in making your relationship work? Well then this is certainly a perfect and harmless prank. Show an ultrasound with a random girl's name on it and tell your girlfriend that you got someone pregnant. This may allow her to reassess everything in her life. Then after 30 minutes, tell her the truth - and that you just needed some of her time to take her to dinner coz you miss her badly!

Not only is this ideal for girlfriend and boyfriend pranks, but there is a plethora of scenarios and occasions where you could utilize the amazing features of the fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net!