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Why People Love Our Fake Sonograms!


For brilliant prank and gag ideas, FakeUltrasounds.Net is excited to help! That's because we discern what a genuine shock and an authentic laughter is! With our fun fake sonograms, you can only expect a wonderful moment pulling off an amazing prank that is definitely an unforgettable one!

Our fake sonograms look like the real thing. The print and paper quality is seemingly authentic and it will be very unlikely that your prank victims will question the legitimacy of it, because of how it looks! Whatever prank idea you have in mind, you are guaranteed of a genuine-looking fake sonogram that will also guarantee everyone of a shocking and humorous time!

The fake 2D sonograms from FakeUltrasounds.Net have a timeless look. The clear image and amazing customization options allow the designing of your prank truly engaging. Our 2D fake sonograms look like the ones you see on TV and may resemble the actual ultrasound which your friend has shown you before or may be identical to the sonogram which your aunt or cousin has posted on Facebook!

Our fake 3D sonograms are equally exceptional but it shows a more detailed image, making the overall fake ultrasound pranking experience more incredible!

You can order our fun fake sonograms without personalization easily or you can simply opt for a fake sonogram with personalization, so you can add your details on it. Either way, everyone will have an incredible time with a crazy fake sonogram prank!