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Wacky April Fool’s Day Pranks This 2018


The much-awaited time of the year is coming! April Fool's Day is the perfect moment to carry out a harmless joke, that overflows with so much fun and excitement!

Wanna pull off an April Fool's Day prank that completely astounds your family members or friends? You need not stress yourself trying to figure out an excellent joke that is so effective and so satisfying! FakeUltrasounds.Com is here to provide you with the best fake ultrasounds to make your dream April Fool's Day joke an absolute reality!

Pick from a wide array of fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms that are designed to complete an exceptionally fun prank. Whether you intend to go for a fake 2D ultrasound or obtain a fake 3D ultrasound, you can rest easy with the fact that a funny and happy April Fool's Day is on its way!

Are you a fun-loving lady? Tell your family, friends and colleagues that you're on first tri, 2nd tri or 3rd tri by proudly showing them a fake ultrasound. Capture their reactions on video and you won't regret being able to save a funny memory that's so cherish-worthy!

Are you a guy who's married or in a relationship? How about you pull off a prank with your significant other by showing your prank victims a fake ultrasound with your baby on the way? Be all set to enjoy all the playful madness of it all!

Go ahead and start your April right by being humorous and cool. Pull off a shocking gag on April 1 and be merry! Pretend that you're pregnant by showing them a fake ultrasound containing all your details. Indulge in the moment as you restrain yourself from bursting into so much laughter while you stare at their mixed reactions and bewilderment.

Don't spare yourself from all the fun, madness and wackiness on April Fool's Day. Try to go for a fake ultrasound joke as an awesome April Fool's Day prank and you'll see how crazy and wild your day will get!