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​The Gift of Gag


Thinking of ways on how to fake a pregnancy on your next prank? It's easy, it's foolproof and it's surefire that it is set to give you all an awesome time if you use an excellent item to complete your overall pranking escapade!

If you don't want to go through the hassle of going for a prank that may have been seen on YouTube, a gag that your dads and uncles may have pulled off already, or a joke that your prank victims may have already encountered, then a fake 3D ultrasounds joke or an amusing fake ultrasound prank is the best choice!

Fake ultrasounds are now making waves among women and even men, who want to accomplish a funny gag for entertainment purposes only. It's gaining popularity, yet almost all prank victims still have initially fallen for this prank because pregnancy is a normal occurrence so all that they got to do is be surprised and believe the joke that has been pulled off towards them is true - and before you all know it, everyone's laughing out loud afterwards when you already divulged the truth that everything has just been a prank all along!

You may use the timeless fake 2D ultrasound - the one that your mom or aunt is familiar with. Or you could opt for the fake 3D ultrasound for a more modernized appeal. Either way, it is guaranteed that you will be amazed with how real the fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net look, and how convinced your gag victims will get before all of you dives into a pool of laughter and mirth!

Go ahead and see for yourself how cool and genuine-looking these fabulous fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds are, only from FakeUltrasounds.Net!