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Rave-Worthy Fake Ultrasound


Take the risk of having a failed fake ultrasound prank or sit back, relax and be guaranteed of a successful and funny prank, using a highly convincing fake ultrasound — your choice!

Gather your family and friends and surprise them with an announcement that will surely leave them shocked, confused, astonished or all of the above! It's pretty refreshing indeed to go crazy and goof around once in a while. Laughing or doing a wacky stuff can be ultimately therapeutic. It's about time to feel energized and inspired, knowing that you have made the others' day seem brighter and realizing that you've become more driven and revitalized after carrying out a simple gag that results to an enormous fun and laughter!

Don't compromise the quality and efficiency of your next prank. Don't allow a cheap gag gift ruin your party! Don't let a tacky and fake-ish looking prank toy lead you to a failed joke. With the fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms from FakeUltrasounds.Net, your fake ultrasound prank will be a huge success!

Announce on your birthday that you are pregnant, and knowing that you are single, a certified man-hater or already on menopause, see your family and guests' jaws drop as you enjoy immersing yourself in absolute hilarity during your birthday prank!

Are your aunt and uncle celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary soon? Share your funny thoughts with your aunt and encourage her to pull off a monumental fake ultrasound prank on her husband. Make sure that the whole setup is captured on video and start creating priceless, uproarious memories!

There's lots of ways to inject humor into a boring day. With the 2D fake ultrasounds and 3D fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net, a funny and effective prank is definitely achievable!