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Harmless and Timeless Pranks


Invite your friends into an awesome time with a creative prank that will leave them perplexed and speechless!

Need an entertaining act that you and your friends can laugh at and be able to revisit in the years to come? A fake ultrasound prank is absolutely perfect! Cultivate that dream prank of yours in the most hassle-free and simplest way by shocking your best friend that you are pregnant by showing a realistic fake ultrasound to her, made possible by FakeUltrasounds.Net!

Find out who your real friends are just by pulling off an easy fake ultrasound prank! Tell them that you're pregnant and show them a copy of your fake ultrasound with your name and your baby's details on it and discover who will gossip about you and who will stick to your side, no matter what! Then see their animated reactions when you reveal that everything was just a gag!

Enjoy April Fool's Day, Halloween or any other event by incorporating a fake ultrasound prank in your party. Any occasion, no matter how small or big the set up or celebration can be, deserves an appealing, amusing and totally hilarious addition that can only be achieved through a prank... a fake pregnancy prank or a fake ultrasound prank, specifically!

Kill the monotony at work by leaving a fake ultrasound on your office desk. Let your officemates get curious, shocked, baffled (and in between!) if you are really pregnant! Then tell them that you've just accomplished the Best Office Prank ever!

Post a fake 3D ultrasound which you got from FakeUltrasounds.Net and you'll soon realize that a fake ultrasound joke is an excellent gag to prank on your friends because it's so convincing, so funny, and ultimately shocking! The same goes to your family or significant other. As long as it is used “For Fun Only”, you are bound to enjoy this creative prank and have a good time with your pals after!

Image Source: Alexas_Fotos / 18440 images via Pixabay Creative Commons CC0.