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Fake Sonogram Maker


Are you getting frustrated crafting that fake sonogram or feeling hopeless in trying to find a fake sonogram maker that can actually deliver? Well, you need not worry because FakeUltrasounds.Net is excited to help you obtain that perfect fake sonogram which you can use for a prank, presentation, film, gift and so much more!

There's no denying that making a fake ultrasound is easy, especially if you don't mind ending up with a really 'fake' looking sonogram. But what's the point of having a sonogram that looks really fake? Of course, when we aim to have a fake sonogram, we also aim to have a 'realistic-looking' fake ultrasound. That's the essence of using a fake ultrasound for pranks, gags, movie and film production and the like. We want to make it look as convincing and real as possible so we could have the most enjoyable time pulling off a prank that’s for fun only! It's amazing to watch prank videos with our loved ones and be able to revisit them in the years to come! The shocked reaction and the laughter afterwards are going to be priceless!

People these days know the difference between a fake ultrasound and a real ultrasound, so if you're planning to perform a gag or to include a sonogram for your next film, be guaranteed that you're only getting a superb, realistic and legitimate-looking fake sonogram — only from FakeUltrasounds.Net!

FakeUltrasounds.Net offers both 2D fake ultrasound and 3D fake ultrasound. You can also choose having a fake sonogram 'as is' or pick a personalized fake sonogram so you can add all the details that you wanted to appear on your fake sonogram and 'own' it! Told ‘ya, we’re the best fake sonogram maker!