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Doubtful No More!


Receive your very own fake ultrasound that looks absolutely legit with the help of FakeUltrasounds.Net!

Be bombarded with lots of funny questions, hilarious comments, and questioning stares! If you want to be the center of attention — just for a couple of minutes, an hour or a day — then might as well try one of the best and the craziest pranks ever: a fake ultrasound prank!

No one will ever doubt and no one will hesitate believing in you when you announce that you are pregnant with a totally convincing fake ultrasound.

And it's truly marvelous knowing that you could effortlessly obtain an authentic-looking fake ultrasound, and still be able to make it even real-er!

That's right! Make your realistic fake ultrasound more convincing and more legitimate by personalizing it. Add your name or the patient's name, date of birth, mrn, date and time when the ultrasound is taken, clinic name, the doctor or technician's name, length and age of the fetus, and any other info that you wanted to change or added.

Your fake ultrasound will be on a version that includes three identical images printed on one sheet in a row… you can have enough for your other pranking escapades!

Printed on a real thermal ultrasound paper, you can also choose if you wanted it printed on a Glossy Paper or Clear Plastic Sheets.

And make it even better and your fake ultrasound prank more spectacular and real by adding the holographic embossed seal!

Image: geralt / 17848 images Pixabay Creative Commons CC0