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Comical Fake Sonogram Pranks


Go ahead and pull off a prank differently. A prank that will leave you and your pals with some crazy and totally hilarious memories. Something that will not only shock your friends but will make them think how smart and fearless you are! There are certainly many ideas which could inspire you to go for a funny gag. But there's only a handful yet unmatched pranks that will surely give you and your prank victims an absolutely spectacular time!

Ladies love juicy and controversial news. Admit it or not but most would dive into conversations about some celebrity gossips and go on some naughty chit-chats. As long as you're having fun and not hurting others, then go for it!

Speaking of harmless pranks, a fake ultrasound prank is perfect! Well, it may seem that a fake ultrasound prank is harmful at first, but if you pull this off for pure fun only and not to inflict pain and danger, you and your pals are in for a big surprise! A super fun and memorable moment that will surely cement your friendship! Friends that laugh together, stay together, so they say!

The fake sonograms from FakeUltrasounds.Net can deliver personalized fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds that can bring that seamless fake ultrasound prank. Show it to your friends and see how their jaw drops. Post a copy of your fake ultrasound with your name on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and enjoy in their mixed reactions and sweet 'congratulatory' messages. Send a copy of your fake ultrasound through email then send another follow-up email saying that was just an email that was wrongly sent... and spice up their day. Riotous, LOL! 

Yes, brighten up your day and that of your friends' by pulling off an easy, awesome and effective prank — a fake ultrasound prank — with the help of the wonderful array of fake sonograms from FakeUltrasounds.Net