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Best Hubby or BF Prank


Are you married? Then spice up your marriage! Bring back the moments where all you do is forget all your worries in life, and just goof around with your hubby! Rekindle those times where you just chill, have fun and all you do is stay in bed laughing out loud! A married life is often demanding and no amount of gifts, material things and investments can give you the happiness that comes from the big ole QT - quality time!

Hectic schedules, deadlines to beat, bills to pay and the plenitude of responsibilities - these stuff usually prevent us from regularly bonding with our significant others. Sometimes, we think that a gift or an expensive vacation is what we need to get some time to relax with our loved ones and have fun. But oftentimes, the best things in life are free, and all we need is to give some bonding moment to our loved ones that would strengthen the bond that binds us.

Cuddling and pulling off a prank towards our significant others will surely perk up the monotony of your relationship! Show your hubby a fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net and tease him that you're pregnant! Then divulge the truth afterwards, but make sure that you have prepared something sweet (or something sexy!) for him! A fake ultrasound prank is an excellent add-on to a wonderful gift that you plan to give to your hubby. You and your man will surely have an awesome time giggling and chuckling after the funny prank that you have just pulled off!

This is also a great gag to do towards your boyfriend! Tease him by giving him the most hilarious shock of his life - that you are expecting! Capture his reaction and your revelation that everything was just a prank on video, and roar with shrieks and laughter afterwards!

Pulling off a fake ultrasound is so simple! You are already guaranteed of a topnotch fake 2D and 3D ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net and all you need is a pretty straightforward pranking plan and a very good timing!

Have fun intensifying your romance with humor with these fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasound.Net!