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Be Happy with a Fake Sonogram Prank


Finding ways on how to be happy and how to spread delight is super easy!

Make sure to pull off a hilarious prank before this year ends to realize your dream of doing something crazy and wacky! Reward yourself for a job well done in being able to survive the past 10 months of this year, albeit with challenges, with flying colors. That's because you're amazing! So now is the perfect time to chill and loosen up a bit, then pull off a wondrous gag, with priceless memories that are bound to give a sweet smile on your face in the coming years!

Creating your 'happiness project' isn't tedious and overwhelming at all. We believe in the rule of keeping pranks and jokes simple, effortless, realistic and definitely effective! That's why we always take pride of our high quality fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms, because we are sure that it will make a prank funnier and we can guarantee that our products are of high quality and will never fail to convince anyone that it's the real thing!

Bring tears of joy (or tears from shock!) to your prank victims as you trick them with a fake pregnancy announcement using a fake 2D ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net Tell them how far along you are and see how they respond. This is very effective if you want to pull off a gag towards the people close to you, like family members, your significant other and loved ones! Because our fake ultrasound is printed on a real thermal paper, your prank will seem 'real' and you all will have a 'real' good time laughing and giggling when you declare that the whole setup is just a gag!

Take it a notch higher and use a fake 3D ultrasound on your fake sonogram prank. A fake 3D ultrasound has more defined images and it evokes a more authentic experience for your prank victims upon telling them that you are expecting. Seeing how their jaws drop, how they become speechless, agitated, puzzled or shocked will make the whole spoof truly worthwhile and more memorable!