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5 Facts You Never Knew About our Fake Ultrasounds


Laughter is a powerful tool that could create a positive impact to your mindset. It also improves the atmosphere at home or in your workplace, making any environment and setting absolutely more pleasant. It also strengthens the bond among families, friends and coworkers. And have you noticed how a short yet funny and adorable video clip posted online could gather thousands of people, compelling them to share their insights and their wonderful feelings towards the said vid? It's amazing how laughter and humor can bind people and how it can transform almost everything in this world.

To evoke a good laugh, of course, we need a tool that could serve as the foundation of it. There are actually videos, films, drawings, music and other mediums where humor can be expressed. When it comes to pranks, we definitely need an item that could serve as the basis of a wondrous gag. And a unique and effective prank item, such as a fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net is a perfect tool to pull off a prank creatively and successfully, all while making everyone involved truly happy!

Indeed, there are plenty of prank toy options available. There's also some other fake ultrasound providers that provide fake ultrasounds. But what makes FakeUltrasounds.Net truly a cut above the rest is quality and service. Our customers keep coming back for repeat orders because they are completely satisfied with the topnotch paper and image quality of our fake ultrasounds. And we are also proud of our great customer service that ensures each and every customer of ours is pleased and delighted with our fake ultrasound products!

Check out below the 5 Amazing Facts About our Fake Ultrasounds!

1. Our fake ultrasound is realistic.

Our customers can personally vouch for the genuine look and feel of our fake ultrasounds.

2. Our fake ultrasound is printed on a real thermal paper.

Made of real thermal ultrasound paper, adding to a more authentic appeal of our fake ultrasounds! Added to this are the the fake glossy paper and the clear plastic sheets, making it look more legit!

3. You will get three copies of our fake ultrasound on one sheet of paper.

All three ultrasound copies are printed in a row, just like the way they come out of a real ultrasound machine from an ultrasound lab!

4. Our fake ultrasounds can give you the option to have a holographic embossed seal.

This will make your fake ultrasound look more credible and official.

5. Our fake ultrasound can be used flexibly.

Perfect for a wide variety of prank activities as well as non-pranking ways like bridal parties, bachelorette parties and to make any other gathering extra fun!

Now go ahead and order a fake 2D ultrasound or a fake 3D ultrasound!