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The Best Aunt Prank


Planning to prank your favorite aunt or that much-loved relative of yours? It's gonna be easy! FakeUltrasounds.Net will help you plan for that wondrous gag that will not inflict pain towards your adored relatives but will surely cause them so much shock, disbelief and astonishment—before indulging in a wondrous laugh and an amazing family bonding moment! Well, that's the purpose of a prank, right?

Who's got the time and tolerance for setting up a prank that is both expensive and tedious anyway? That is why FakeUltrasounds.Net is happy to provide spectacular gag gifts and toys for trickery that will not only spark your imagination; whether you are a newbie or a seasoned prankster already - but will also encourage your creativity and boost the happiness and love within your family by having a good, priceless laugh!

There's just so many brilliant ways and remarkable gag ideas when it comes to pulling off that perfect aunt prank. This is an awesome naughtiness because it's so simple but the fun factor and humor is massive. Definitely one for the books!

Here are some of the brilliant ways on how to give your aunt the ultimate prank!

If your aunt's coming over, leave a fake ultrasound on the dining table. Seeing an ultrasound with your name and information on it will definitely render her speechless!

Are you celebrating your birthday, and your aunt is gonna be one of your special guests? Make her feel more 'special' by giving her the gift of surprise: a surprise fake pregnancy prank using a fake ultrasound. Let's see how she handles her reaction given that it's your birthday!

Missing your aunt who's out of state or overseas? No worries! Send a copy of a personalized fake ultrasound of yours to her through email or on Facebook, and LOL on her reaction!

These are just a few of fake ultrasound pranking ideas. There's no end to one's creativity, brilliance and humor! All you need is an unbelievably outstanding gag gift to serve as the center of your funny prank— then go from there!