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A Fake 3D Ultrasound Prank is So Simple!


Experience the unique fun and amusement that can only be gained from a prank... specifically, from a fake ultrasound picture prank!

FakeUltrasounds.Net is here to give you a massively funny experience with a fake ultrasound prank. And with the fake 3D ultrasound, you will be promised an experience that's so memorable and so funny, you and your family, friends, and prank victims will still get delighted even after so many years!

A simple, stress-free yet hilarious experience awaits! Get a fake 2D ultrasound or a fake 3D ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net and make each day an April Fool's Day. Who would have known that a prank that's so effortless and so plain could evoke so much cheer and glee? With the realistic fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net, you're gonna achieve all of the above minus the hassle, stress and big costs!

If you want to prank your partner that you are pregnant, a fake 3D ultrasound prank is your best choice. With our super realistic-looking fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms, you can be guaranteed of a dramatic and convincing prank; and lots of laughter and fun after!

Surprise your friends with a really shocking revelation, sans the explanation and the fuss. Simply post an ultrasound picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your name and 'your alleged pregnancy information' and enjoy their comments and interrogations!

Does your sister always pick on you? Is your sibling becoming a pain in the neck? Tell her that you and your parents know her secret, and that you've discovered her ultrasound (only a personalized from FakeUltrasounds.Net) in her room! Drive her nuts and bring so much fun to the family right after!

A fake ultrasound prank is an awesome prank choice. No one has the time and effort for a complex prank, right? To grab a fake ultrasound picture, click HERE

Fake Sonogram Maker

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Fake Ultrasound Pregnancy Tricks

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How To Own a Fake 3D Ultrasound

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Signs You're In Love With a Fake Ultrasound

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Fake Sonogram Trick on Valentine's Day

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Why People Love Our Fake Sonograms!

For brilliant prank and gag ideas, FakeUltrasounds.Net is excited to help! That's because we discern what a genuine shock and an authentic laughter is! With our fun fake sonograms, you can only expect a wonderful moment pulling off an amazing prank that is definitely an unforgettable one!Our fake sonograms look like the real thing. The print and paper quality is seemingly authentic [...]

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Hilarious Fake 2D Ultrasounds Just For You!

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Transform Your 2018 with a Fake Ultrasound

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Shocking News for New Year

Modern ideas and futuristic items are the 'in' thing these days. High-tech gizmos and gadgets here and there; innovative ideas and concepts where cutting-edge technologies are used are currently making a remarkable breakthrough in different industries. Even in the field of pranks and gags, fresh ideas are also employed to achieve a bigger and more entertaining antic. But even if [...]

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