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Halloween Fake Sonogram Jokes


It's always great to be unique. Your individuality will clearly take you places. Your genuine personality is definitely useful for you to find your happiness and become successful in your life. And it's a great idea that you express your distinct personality and discriminate taste for hilarity by pulling off a one-of-a-kind joke this Halloween!

Yes, that's right! A unique Halloween prank is all you need to become both energized and inspired as you seek happiness and fun in the simple things in life. You do not need a grandiose plan to have that huge, memorable Halloween prank. All it needs is simple creativity, an aim to be happy and put those around you in high spirits, and a tool that will serve as the highlight of your marvelous Halloween joke.

A fake sonogram is all you need to achieve that unforgettable gag that's never been seen and never been heard by your prank victims. It's just amazing that an item that is regularly encountered by our family and friends — and is also constantly seen on social media as your friends post their pregnancy announcements with a sonogram on Facebook — can be utilized as an effective item to prank them by surprising them (or perhaps terrifying them) this coming Halloween!

Goof around at home on Halloween. Astonish (or shock?) your parents that you're pregnant by giving them a copy of the fake sonogram of their soon-to-be grandchild. This is going to be a fuss-free and gore-free prank that may perhaps make them afraid, totally terrified… and agitated!

Are you a bride-to-be? Prank your bridesmaids that you're preggers this Halloween by sending them a copy of your fake sonogram by email!

Are you a fitness-buff? Post plenty of your photos on your favorite social media while you're spending tons of hours at the gym and perhaps doing a lot of weightlifting. Then post your fake sonogram the next day. They will be alarmed and shocked to realize that you've been doing those hardcore routines and crossfit training while you are pregnant! Outrageous!

Is someone bullying you? Send a copy of a fake sonogram with some random name to her on social media, alongside a letter saying that it's her boyfriend's baby from another woman. Then after two hours, tell her 'You've been pranked!" with a plentiful of laughing emojis. Putting her in a stressful situation for two hours will make her realize that she is not invincible, and that she needs to reassess her behavior, and stop bullying others. What a nice revenge indeed!

As long as you got a great love for something funny and awesome, a fake sonogram can be incorporated to any humorous, witty and harmless joke — easily!

Image Source: ijmaki / 34 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.