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A Mother's Day Treat Like No Other


Image Source: cocoparisienne / 2309 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain licence.

This Mother's Day is the perfect time to show our moms how much we love them! We can give the most amazing ladies in our lives a dozen of brightly colored tulips or a bouquet of luxuriously hued roses. Taking them to a succulent meal at an impeccable restaurant will surely make them smile. Gifting them with a bottle of their favorite scent or simply giving them a heartfelt message on a lovely card are just some of the few things to make our moms ultimately glad this Mother's Day. From simple gifts and gestures of love, to expensive presents and elaborate Mother's Day party arrangements, one thing is for sure; our moms will always appreciate our efforts!

If you intend to spice up Mother's Day by adding an air of hilarity into the celebration, why not include a fake ultrasound prank to your Mother's Day surprise? The occasion is a perfect moment to give them a gentle, funny Mother’s Day prank and your main present such as a piece of jewelry or a ticket to a Caribbean cruise is something to make it up for that silly, but memorable gag.

Send her a fake 2D ultrasound without captions, message or whatsoever - and be prepared to be showered with lots of questions, or should we say, interrogations!

Show your loving mom a fake 3D ultrasound with your name on it, and see a mixture of her reactions as she tries to digest the news of your pregnancy.

Accidentally (but it’s really intentionally!) reveal a fake ultrasound to her on Mother's Day and see if she'll cry - or slap you on the face!

No matter what, you, your mom and the whole fam are bound to make this year's Mother's Day extra special and definitely more memorable while pulling off a fake ultrasound Mother’s Day prank or a fake pregnancy joke with the help of the marvelous and truly one-of-a-kind gag items from FakeUltrasounds.Net!