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Effortlessly Funny Prank


There's just so many prank ideas and options to choose from that finally coming up with the best gag idea becomes pretty daunting. Planning for a prank should not be stressful. You should make sure that you are having fun during all the stages of planning, while carrying out the actual prank, and after announcing the truth afterwards! That is the essence of a wonderful gag. You should enjoy the whole process of it. And if you were able to have fun, you can be successful in spreading and translating that happiness and good vibes to those around you!

Scaring your loved ones and pals momentarily induces a funny thought. Make sure that what you are pulling off doesn't create long-term hurt, trauma and problems, and you are just pulling off that phenomenal prank in your mind for entertainment purposes only. If it is funny, effective and harmless, then go ahead and prepare yourself for those hearty laugh and priceless giggles!

If you do not intend to have an enormous gag but would just like to settle for simple yet definitely funny joke, a fake pregnancy prank may be ideal for you. There are lots of items and prank toys to use for a fake pregnancy prank but if you opt not to use a fake pregnancy test kit or a fake pregnancy belly suit, then a fake ultrasound would be an excellent choice!

A realistic fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net can help you achieve that comedic trickery plan that you have been dreaming to accomplish ever since. Convey your naughty and funny side, without the harm, hurt, dirty and messy set-ups, and expensive costs. With a legitimate-looking fake 2D ultrasound and a professional, highly convincing fake 3D ultrasound, you can rest assured knowing that your prank plan will not fail, as the look and feel of each fake ultrasound from FakeUltrasounds.Net are guaranteed to provide an authentic look that may fool your parents, obstetrician and even your friend who works as an ultrasound technician!

Pull off a heartwarming prank towards your sister. Show her a fake ultrasound with your name and other details (which you have provided) - and see her reaction!

Prank your playful male buddy that his girlfriend has just posted the ultrasound photo of their 'baby' on Facebook. Make sure to record his reaction on video! This is gonna be so hilarious, that's for sure!

Start planning for that wondrous pranking with the high quality fake ultrasounds from FakeUltrasounds.Net

Fruitful Fun

Take your goofing around and bad behavior into a whole new level!We often think that pranks and tomfooleries are silly and non-sense. But let's admit it, we find something really special about the simple things and stuff that are clichéd and superficial. Whether we express a positive reaction or a negative response towards it, we cannot really become too indifferent [...]

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The Best Aunt Prank

Planning to prank your favorite aunt or that much-loved relative of yours? It's gonna be easy! FakeUltrasounds.Net will help you plan for that wondrous gag that will not inflict pain towards your adored relatives but will surely cause them so much shock, disbelief and astonishment—before indulging in a wondrous laugh and an amazing family bonding moment! Well, that's the purpose [...]

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Unbelievable Facts About 2D Fake Ultrasounds

Where else would you spot a shockingly good gag gift? Only at FakeUltrasounds.Net! Well, you may be a bit surprised about this, but despite our fake ultrasounds and fake sonograms being controversial and naughty (well, any prank item evokes mischief!) a lot of women—and even men—love our cute and funnily wicked items that are meant to help our fresh [...]

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Lovable Prank Item

Indeed, there will be no shortage of funny prank ideas and gag items. There's an overabundance of it and there’s a myriad of choices that's present: from easy to difficult, to old school and fresh, and from boring to funny. Regardless of how a prank is being pulled off, as long as it is intended for entertainment purposes [...]

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Target Them with Ultrasound Pranking

Target your prank victims' weakness and fears, and have fun with fake ultrasound pranking!FakeUltrasounds.Net's gallery of fun and exciting fake sonogram options will leave you, your family and your friends with side-splitting memories! How? It's pretty straightforward. Go ahead and carry out a fake sonogram prank and shock you mom and dad that you are pregnant! Reveal a fake sonogram [...]

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Fake Ultrasound for Parties

Planning for an eccentric party? Add some vibe of eccentricity to it!It's undeniable that fake ultrasounds are an exciting choice for prank gifts and gag items. They're funny and can actually make family times and bonding with your buddies even more hilarious and outrageous. How funny it would get if your sibling or pal pulled off a fake ultrasound [...]

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Fake Ultrasounds are Harmless!

Indeed, as opposed to some misconceptions, a fake ultrasound is harmless and incredibly fun! Especially if your funny prank is well-planned, appropriate, and if you are using a tasteful and realistic fake ultrasound!As long as you are leaning towards a fake ultrasound prank that is for entertainment purposes only, you'll never go wrong in choosing a fake ultrasound as [...]

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Brighten Your Day with a Fake Ultrasound

It's so simple and so easy to brighten up your day and add a zing to your life! It may be challenging at first, but with a positive mindset and a dash of humor, you will succeed in transforming your day into something beautiful... and even life-changing!There are plenty of reasons why we need to do something that makes [...]

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The Best Pranks for Dads

Hope the dads in your life had a blast last Father’s Day! Regretting that you were too busy to pull off an amazing gag towards your dad, hubby, brother, uncle, or friend? Don't be sad if you feel as if you have lost the best opportunity to treat them into a funny prank on Father's Day! Actually, now is the best [...]

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